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Bill Higgs

Chief Financial Officer

  • Bill Higgs

Bill Higgs serves as chief financial officer at The Weather Channel television network and Allen Media Broadcasting. In this role, he combines financial and strategic expertise to build value, increase profitability and assess risk. Bill has more than 30 years of diverse industry experience including manufacturing, marketing, consumer packaged goods and technology.

Bill joined The Weather Channel in 2006 and most recently served as senior vice president and chief accounting officer of TWCC Holding Corp, the holding company for The Weather Channel,?weather.com, and WSI. In that role, Bill was responsible for all accounting functions.?

Pior to joining The Weather Channel, Bill worked for Cott Corporation/Cott Beverages USA as North American director of financial reporting and U.S. national controller. In these positions, Bill managed staff in the areas of operations and logistics finance, shared services, general and cost accounting and financial reporting.

Bill is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.